Jul. 23, 2024

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Pineapple is one of the most popular and well known tropical fruits, and is grown in hot regions all around the world. Pineapples are rich in both vitamin C and dietary fiber. Pineapple varieties are plentiful, but only a few leading types travel well and are sold commercially.

The  smooth Cayenne variety is large, firm, and quite sweet, and is perhaps the one most commonly available.  The Smooth Cayenne is mostly grown in Thailand. Due to unstable weather, there have been problems with low brix to acid ratio levels and low yields from this origin.

iTi Tropicals, Inc. is pleased to offer our aseptic pineapple juice concentrate from Indonesia processed from the Spanish Queen variety. This variety of pineapple is yellow in color, flavorful, aromatic, sweet and is free of nitrates. Of particular interest to juice and beverage formulators is the fact that our product exhibits a very consistent B/A ratio which leads to very consistent finished products in flavor, texture and mouth feel. Our B/A ratio specification is 16 - 32 and our product consistently averages about 22 to 25.

iTi procures this pineapple juice concentrate from the RSUP plant in Indonesia. RSUP began its pineapple production in 1995 with 5 high capacity production lines to produce canned pineapple. Today, the facility has a total of 13 canning lines in addition to the pineapple concentrate juice plant.  Quality, safety and hygiene are of utmost importance, consistent with RSUP's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point standardization. Due to its rapid expansion, RSUP accelerated its quality program and is HACCP certified and has an accredited AIB third party audit. Product is aseptically packed at 61 brix.

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