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The recipes which follow are intended solely for professionals in the food processing and preparation industry, including R&D departments of food packagers and professional chefs. They are intended to provide ideas for the application of the exotic fruit juice and derivative products we sell and are supplied here as a free service. We have obtained these recipes from sources we consider reliable but please note that we have not tested these recipes and do not attest to their viability, practicality, safety or flavor. We strongly suggest that if you find a recipe that appeals to you you test it first in small quantities with all the appropriate safety measures normally employed when testing new food applications. These recipes are provided with no guarantees whatsoever; if you choose to use them you do so with this express knowledge. None of these recipes are intended or provided by us for use by non-professionals.

iTi tropicals, Inc. may provide Buyer with information regarding the use of flavors in the buyer's product. With regard to such occurrences, buyer acknowledges that iTi tropicals, Inc. is in not responsible for the use of iTi tropicals's product by buyer. Buyer acknowledges that iTi tropicals, Inc. cannot anticipate all conditions under which iTi tropicals's products may be used, and therefore buyer agrees to conduct its own tests to determine the safety and suitability of iTi tropicals's products for buyer's purposes. Any information provided by iTi tropicals, Inc. is without warranties, either express or implied, and buyer agrees to indemnify and save iTi tropicals, Inc. harmless of and from any and all loss, cost (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees) and claims arising out of, or in connection with, the buyer's product.


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