Jul. 23, 2024

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 iTi Tropicals : 25 years and going strong, new advertising campaign, introducing Goji and appointing VP Innovation

iTi is starting a new advertisement campaign which highlights their 25 years in business. The ads focus on the functionality/ attributes of the specific tropical fruits. Coconut water is advertised to blend with other juices to increase and maintain juice content in products while  control caloric content. Coconut cream  is an  essential ingredient for both Asian dishes and Caribbean cuisine.  In North America, coconut cream is often used to enhance chocolate flavors in items such as ice cream and for coconut milk beverages as a non-dairy alternative.  Passion fruit is recommended as the quintessential exotic flavor. Demand in Europe for passion fruit concentrate is five times that of US demand, even though it offers compelling benefits for the American consumer. Every significant brand in Europe has a prominent passion fruit based beverage and most  multi-vitamin drinks in Europe (one of their most popular beverages) includes passion fruit. Europeans have been using passion fruit for more than 30 years as the essential flavor in the food and beverage industry.

 Guava has a very strong and tropical aroma and blends well with other juices. Promoting Alphonso mango is something new. There are many mango varieties on the market but none, other than Alphonso, can be called the “King of Mangoes” for color, flavor and sweetness. We are pointing out the importance of authenticity when it comes to this mango variety. It is fine of course to blend this superior mango with lower priced mango purees, however we don’t believe our customers should start with a sub-standard Alphonso.  We only offer 100% authentic Alphonso for this reason.  Acerola is touted as the clean label and natural fruit source for vitamin C  . With it’s distinctive tart/lime/berry flavor, acerola blends very well with mango, peach and banana. Acai, with its deep purple color, blends well chocolate and banana for instance . It is packed with essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.

More and more, iTi is assisting customers in the creative process of coming up with new ideas, new products, new blends and new flavors. To further this endeavor , Don Giampetro, an iTi veteran, has been appointed as the Vice President of Innovation.

Underscoring iTi’s quest to be the market leader for  exotic and tropical fruit purees and concentrates we are excited to introduce goji as well as re-introduce lychee.


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