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What is it?

Calamansi FruitCalamansi, a citrus fruit also known as Citrofortunella microcarpa or calamondin, is native to the Philippines. Currently it is widely grown in India, throughout southern Asia, and Malaysia. Calamansi is available year-round in the Philippines. The calamansi tree grows to about 25 feet tall at maturity. The fruit of the calamansi tree is small, green when ripe, has a spongy or leathery rind, is segmented and has small seeds. The pulp is very acidic.

What are its advantages?

Calamansi pulp has a distinctive flavor described as a cross between lime and orange. The flesh is juicy and acidic. The tartness of the calamansi blends well with other juices such as banana, apple, grape, papaya, mango and coconut water.

How is it used?

Calamansi can be used in different products including ice cream, sorbets, jello, juice, soft drinks, nectar, jelly, gummy candies, sauces, vinaigrettes, fruit preserves and yogurt. 

Calamansi juice may be served with iced tea, seafood and meats - to impart tartness. Calamansi juice with cranberries makes a fresh, juicy tart sauce. Calamansi can also be preserved whole in sugar syrup, made into Calamansi fruit sweet pickles, or marmalade. In Hawaii, a calamansi-papaya marmalade is popular. In Malaysia, the calamansi is an essential ingredient in chutney.

The calamansi juice is primarily valued for making acid beverages. It is often employed like lime or lemon juice to make gelatin salads or desserts, custard pies, or chiffon pies. In the Philippines, the extracted juice, with the addition of gum tragacanth, is pasteurized and bottled commercially.

What iTi offers:

iTi supplies single-strength calamansi juice from Philippines. This product is prepared from carefully selected sound, mature and unfermented fruit. The fruit is obtained locally from selected suppliers which are regularly monitored by the processor. No preservatives, flavors or other additives are used. The product is Kosher-certified and manufactured under a certified quality system.


Calamansi fruit



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