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Acerola Fruit Facts

What is it?

Acerola on a tree The acerola tree is small with spreading branches on a short trunk. The mature fruit is small and red-colored. Its pulp has a fruity and sweet flavor. Acerola fruit, also known as Barbados cherry or West-Indian cherry, is grown throughout Brazil and the Caribbean islands.

What are its Benefits?

Acerola has a distinctive flavor which is described as a cross between a tart lime and a berry. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C. The tartness of acerola blends well with other juices such as banana, papaya, mango, and coconut water.

Acerola in water

How is it Used?

Acerola is used commonly throughout the Caribbean islands, some South American countries, especially Brazil, and Puerto Rico; it is well known in ethnic neighborhoods in the United States. In Brazil, and some other countries, it is consumed at breakfast, much in the way Americans drink orange juice. Brazilians often blend it with mango or high ratio pineapple. 65 brix acerola is more of an ingredient than a juice as it is widely used in Europe and Japan as a natural replacement for citric acid. Although more expensive, it produces the all-important and widely sought after "clean label". It can be incorporated in many products including ice cream, jello, juice, soft drinks, nectar, jelly, gummy candies, fruit preserves, nutraceuticals, and yogurt. "Pure Acerola vitamin C" tablets are gaining in popularity as way of taking one's daily dosage of vitamin C from an all natural source, replacing ascorbic acid pills. Acerola is also used in cosmetic applications. Acerola juice can be blended with other fruit juices that are naturally low in vitamin C to boost vitamin C content; it goes particularly well with mango. Imagine drizzling an acerola vinaigrette on top of your salad or downing a shot of Vitamin C-rich Acerola Mango-Ade in the early morning.

Acerola on a leaf

Acerola from iTi

iTi supplies both a single strength acerola juice from Brazil with a minimum Vitamin C content of 1500mg/100g and an acerola 65 brix concentrate with a minimum of 12,000mg/100g. These products are prepared from carefully selected sound, mature, and unfermented fruit. The fruit is obtained locally from selected suppliers which are regularly monitored by the processor. No preservatives, flavors, or other additives are used. They are Kosher certified and manufactured under a certified quality system.

Acerola on a tree


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