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iTi is extremely pleased to announce that we have formed a North American strategic alliance with Sambazon, Inc. for the bulk distribution of premium organic Açaí fruit pulp, juice and juice concentrate to food and beverage manufacturers in North America.

Sambazon is the premium brand leader in the Açaí category and is also an industrial manufacturer of Açaí with its factory located in the heart of Brazil's Açaí region of the Amazon River Estuary. The plant is certified by AIB and the products are organic.

According to Gert van Manen, President of iTi, "Sambazon's business model is build on the 3 P's: Planet, Profitability and People. This is very inspiring and iTi is proud to be representing a company driven by such precepts. Açaí is truly a new experience in exotic fruits: the purple color, the satisfying gritty texture and unique flavor combined with powerhouse antioxidant properties. In addition, it blends exceptionally well with old superfruits like banana and new exotic ones like pomegranate."

About Sambazon

Sambazon works in the Brazilian Rainforest with Açaí (ah-sigh-ee), a delicious and powerfully nutritious dark purple berry that grows in 60 foot tall palm trees in the lush flood plains that line the Amazon River.

As the leading global supplier of Açaí, Sambazon manufactures and sells organic Açaí packaged consumer products in the form of juices, smoothies and supplements and also supplies wholesale Açaí puree to the worldwide industrial market. Upon realizing eight years ago that the Açaí fruit was destined for success, and that it provided an opportunity to promote a triple bottom line business philosophy, the Company's Founders created Sambazon -- "Sustainable Management of the Brazilian Amazon" -- with a mission of sharing this amazing fruit with the world.

Guided by the principles of market driven conservation, Sambazon pioneered the first of its kind Fair Trade and Certified Organic Supply Chain of Açaí and helped create worldwide awareness of the Açaí berry. With the opening of the world's largest proprietary Açaí manufacturing facility in the Amazon last fall, Sambazon is now a vertically integrated supplier and marketer of Açaí products, controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and organic origin of the fruit as well as the highest level quality, nutrition and taste.

These efforts have created sustainable employment for thousands of small family farmers and continue to help protect the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest by making the forest more valuable standing than cut down. In November of 2006, Sambazon was named a winner for the prestigious "Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence" for a small-medium business. Sambazon was nominated for this award by the United States Ambassador to Brasil for helping to create worldwide awareness and pioneer a sustainable industry around the Açaí fruit.

In the United States, Sambazon Açaí products are available at thousands of stores nationwide such as Whole Foods Market, Safeway, HEB, Vons, Albertson's and Publix and are enjoyed by world-class athletes and healthy, active people everywhere. Açaí's powerful nutritional benefits have also helped enhance the quality of life among everyday people with various health concerns. Sambazon is proud to promote positive change through sustainable agriculture, organic food and healthy living.

People - Planet - Prosperity.

About iTi Tropicals, Inc.

iTi Tropicals, Inc. is an independent company headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ. Its sole business is importing high quality tropical and exotic fruit purees, concentrates and IQF pieces. They are constantly searching the globe for manufacturers who meet their high tropical and exotic fruit standards.

In business since 1988, iTi Tropicals has become one of the leading US suppliers of processed exotic tropical fruits. Over time they have established many long-standing relationships with their suppliers. These relationships enable them to guarantee a reliable and quality supply of tropical fruit for their customers. They also provide complete service with their fruit products including the expertise of their in-house Food Scientist with backgrounds in Quality Assurance and Product Development.

iTi Tropicals maintains an inventory of both frozen and aseptic tropical and exotic purees, juices, and concentrates as well as IQF tropicals throughout the USA. Their focus is on products such as: coconut water & cream, banana, guava, papaya, mango, passion fruit, Açaí, guanabana (soursop), lulo, acerola, mangosteen, tamarind and moraberry. They constantly search for new, commercially viable, tropical fruit flavors. Call us for juice, concentrate, and puree samples and you will experience our outstanding service first.


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